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Best Sparkling Wine in the World

The best sparkling wine in the world is made in Wallonia!


A few kilometers from the French border, South of Mons, a land filled with vines has become a showcase for Belgian viticulture.

Hubert Ewbank, the owner, transformed these cereal lands fifteen years ago, to plant around fifteen hectares of Chardonnay, with the idea of ​​producing a sparkling white wine like in Champagne. 

“They say we have the same climate as Champagne region thirty, forty years ago”, he assures.


In the tasting room, the medals have invaded the walls. The Belgian Bubbly has become world champion, during major international competitions.

“To be recognized Nr 1 in front of 226 champagnes and 700 sparkling wines was unexpected”, says Hubert Ewbank.


Belgian wine is now on the rise and slowly entering the bars of Brussels. Belgium has just exceeded one million bottles per year, a figure that is constantly increasing.